Compared RI, Presidential Aircraft Like What Other Countries?

The Indonesian government has just brought the presidential aircraft purchased from Boeing for $ 89.6 million U.S. dollars, or around Rp 847 billion .

This aircraft is painted in light blue back and white on the fuselage . In addition , the words ” Republic of Indonesia ” and the Garuda logo mounted on the front of the plane .

Some are not satisfied with the livery color or style used by the first Indonesian presidential plane . Besides considered less attractive designs , the color plane is considered political.

Top of this polemic , State Secretary Sudi Silalahi express , blue selection in RI presidential aircraft over flight safety , the color blue as a disguise form of a threat . Due to security reasons , he said , the plane was given a blue color , which is not owned by another commercial aviation aircraft .

Other countries also have operated a presidential plane for a long time . One of the most widely known to the public are the property of the U.S. government . More aircraft known as Air Force One is using a Boeing 747-400 aircraft types with serial numbers 2800 and 2900

RI presidential aircraft design also uses Boeing 737-800 variants are included in class 2 Boeing Business Jet ( BBJ 2 ) . Unlike the other 737-800 variants , BBJ2 has a fuel tank capacity is greater and power cruising at 10,000 miles .

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What type of aircraft used by the presidential plane other countries and what shades of color ? 7 Consider the presidential plane KompasTekno some countries which are summarized from various sources .


Guerrilla Prabowo and Jokowi , Coalition Seeks Through kebuli rice

Two potential presidential candidate in 2014 , Prabowo and Joko Widodo , guerrilla meet other political parties to explore the political partners . Through kebuli rice dish , they raced to embrace coalition .

Whether coincidence or it was tradition , rice kebuli equally presented when the two presidential candidates who have high blood pressure it is exploring the coalition competition . Culinary typical Middle East mediators nan nourishing it so delicious served Islami party and mass organizations .

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Lobby kebuli first started when PDI-P candidate Joko Widodo away to CLA for bersilaturahim on Saturday ( 12/4 ) . As host , PKB Chairman Muhaimin Iskandar aka Cak Imin given a warm welcome .

Jokowi invited congregational Maghrib prayer and then eat rice kebuli . Jokowi said he was satisfied with the stomach filled .

" That was after Maghrib prayers in congregation and ate rice once kebuli to the full . Goat meat is very tender . I do not know who’s cooking . Mrs. Muhaimin or anyone , " said Jokowi with a smile , in the Office of the DPP PKB , Jl Raden Saleh , Central Jakarta .

The lobby also performed with interludes stomach Prabowo . Candidates Gerindra started his political safari silent . Prabowo is also done when visiting the NU chairman Said Aqil Siraj at his home on Tuesday ( 15/4 ) .

" Eating rice at his children kebuli Mr. Said , " the guard said Said Aqil commonly called Mr. Prayit told reporters at the Said Aqil , Sadar Jl Raya , Ciganjur , South Jakarta


Problem Jokowi Fadli Zon Satire Poetry : Poetry Wiji If I Read

Waketum Gerindra Fadli Zon back this time poetic satire titled ’ I Raisopopo ’ . Candidates PDIP Jokowi admitted not reading the satirical poem .

" What does it say ? I have not read . If poetry poets like WS Rendra , Wiji , I want to read it recently . Wiji know his poetry was good , " said Jokowi at the Home Office , Jl Teuku Umar , Menteng , Central Jakarta , Friday ( 18 / 4/2014 ) .

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He was reluctant to reply to the poetry of the poem if properly addressed to him . According to him , better vision and mission only reciprocated .

" Ndak - back was the need to reply . Ndak can I make poems , rhymes or singing . Later even noisier when back - counter , " said Jokowi .

" I tetep Rapopo , " said Jokowi .

Fadli Zon satire made ​​was made on Wednesday ( 16/4 ) and which reads :

moved like a puppet puppeteer
a million stories of hope
sell dreams without reality
covered image mirage
and you’re amazed

aku raisopopo
seperti wayang digerakkan dalang
cerita sejuta harapan
menjual mimpi tanpa kenyataan
berselimut citra fatamorgana
dan kau terkesima

aku raisopopo
menari di gendang tuan
melenggok tanpa tujuan
berjalan dari gang hingga comberan
menabuh genderang blusukan
kadang menumpang bus karatan
diantara banjir dan kemacetan
semua jadi liputan
menyihir dunia maya
dan kau terkesima

aku raisopopo
hanya bisa berkata rapopo

Fadli Zon, 16 April 2014


Ban condemns Abduction 100 Schoolgirl Nigeria

Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on Wednesday (16/4) condemned the abduction of about 100 students from their dormitories in northeastern Nigeria the previous day and called for their immediate release.

Ban condemned the shocking mass kidnapping girls in Chibok, Borno State, northeast Nigeria, on Tuesday it.

” Ban called for their immediate release and repatriate the girls to their families,” said his spokesman, Stephane Dujarric, at the daily press conference.

He added that Ban was also very concerned about the increasing frequency and brutality of attacks on educational institutions in the north of the country.

He emphasized that the goal of the school and school children is a grave violation of international humanitarian law.

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Schools should be a safe place where children can learn and grow in peace.


Maruarar Sirait: Raising Voice Acting Puan PDIP

DPP Chairman PDIP , Maruarar Sirait said PDIP victory in the 2014 legislative elections can not be separated from the role as Chairman of the Board Puan Maharani winning elections ( Election BP ) PDIP . According to Puan effectively improve the performance of the party vote from the 2009 elections .

" What do ya Puan effective as BP Election , "
Maruarar said after attending a meeting between officials of the DPD PDIP in Indonesia Megawati ‘s residence in Jalan Teuku Umar , Menteng , Central Jakarta , Tuesday ( 15/4 ) .

Maruarar decision stated Chairman PDIP , Megawati mencapreskan Jokowi also effectively increases the sound PDIP .

So , Maruarar said , there is a positive synergy between Puan , Megawati and PDI-P Jokowi for the victory . ” I say there Jokowi effect , Puan effect , Megawati effect , ” said Maruarar .

PDIP has been consolidated with the various provincial administrators DPD to face the 2014 presidential election .

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BP stated Maruarar election led to the winning ladies will be strengthened presidential election . He expects synergies between Lady and Jokowi can give positive results for the PDIP .


PT KAI Catch Thieves Six Pandrol Rails

Routine patrol held ranks Security and Control of PT Kereta Api Indonesia ( KAI ) Operational Area ( Daops ) 8 Jakarta, Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) morning , catching six Pandrol culprit .
Pandrol a half iron steel used as pengunji or fastening rails .

According to the Manager of Public Relations of PT KAI Daops 8 , Sri Winarto , they arrested were dig out the hand - Pandrol Pandrol Pull it in the area , Sidoarjo .

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" The team led BC Kamtib Daops 8 Sugiyanto and Manager Obvit Budiarso , had been doing surveillance since a few days ago . As a result , when they are operating at near point Pull Station , Sidoarjo , immediately ambushed , " said Sri Winarto .

From the hands of the perpetrators of the sixth , consists of actors theft , and fences . Initially , when the perpetrators of the theft of as many as four people busy dig out the iron - iron , assisted by a supervisor , ranks fifth Kamtib arrested .
Together with some evidence of iron Pandrol , they herded asked to show where the trays . A fence was secured , along Pandrol - Pandrol evidence previously submitted .

" Total number of items of evidence were recovered there Pandrol 220 and 1 motorcycle used to carry the Pandrol - Pandrol , " said Sri Winarto .
After a brief recorded , the actors and their evidence is submitted to Mapolsek Pull . From a brief examination , the Pandrol irons , sold by kg on an old iron fence . Because quite heavy , quite expensive one Pandrol value .

Sri Winarto added , the action of these actors is very dangerous . Due to the loss of the lock rail , can create off the rails and the train could potentially lead to experiencing anjlog .

"The train is moving right weight and strong movements . Rail amplifier If this does not exist, of course, the rail will be easy to move and the result can be separated from the train Rodak , to make anjlog train off of the tracks , " continued the man Singosari original , Malang regency .

Trains are anjlog in running condition with high speed , can create and make passenger trains thrown in it spilled , and could cause many casualties .
" You could say it includes events that led sabotage , so it should receive severe sanctions that deterrent , " said Sri Winarto .


WeGo, Mobile Tool for Tracking Kids With Features

Parents now do not have to worry if you want to give her the phone. Mini mobile phone is now available exclusively for the children. Like what?

U.S. mobile carrier, Sprint, has just announced the presence WeGo, mobile devices specifically for children. WeGo price is quite affordable, so it will not burden the parents.

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Citing Ubergizmo, WeGo have exceptional durability, water resistant and not easily destroyed. It’s been tested, with the phone dropping from a high place, and proved to still be used.

In addition, the handset also strengthened tracking feature, so that parents can continue to monitor the whereabouts of their children anywhere.

Enough with the subscription fee of U.S. $ 9.99 per month, Sprint will provide a complete service that includes the WeGo 1,000 text messages and 1,000 minutes of talk time


Sophistication and Luxury U.S. Presidential Aircraft

U.S. presidential aircraft during the dubbed ” Air Force One ” . The real Air Force One aircraft not indicate the name , but the password for any aircraft carrying the U.S. President .
If the U.S. President Hercules riding though , it could be a plane Air Force One .

However , Air Force One has been synonymous with the Boeing 747 - 200B with the symbol of the U.S. presidency . U.S. aircraft manufacturer , Boeing , change the two planes into the twin 747 - 200B Air Force One . The sophistication and elegance is undeniable aircraft .

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Air Force One was nicknamed ” The Flying White House ” because it has complete facilities of the White House , the residence and office of the U.S. President in Washington .
Look at this video link .

U.S. presidential plane that has an area of ​​approximately 600 square meters equipped conference room , dining room , and a luxurious room for the President and First Lady . There is also a surgical operating room presidential medical team .

In addition , Air Force One is equipped super-sophisticated electronic system that is capable of providing protection against electromagnetic waves from a nuclear explosion .

Communication devices in the plane no less amazing . Two years ago , in 2012 , President Obama called the U.S. astronauts who are in space on Air Force One .

This iron bird has the ability to refuel in the air , so that Air Force One has unlimited range of emergency situations . Aircraft pilots and cabin crew are from the U.S. Air Force division .

Every U.S. president make the flight , there were two Air Force One . One becomes a distraction once the backup if there are those who seek to attack aircraft .

Although the price of the aircraft and the operational costs are very expensive Air Force One , the existence of this important aircraft , including in terms of security for U.S. President . In addition , Air Force One is a symbol of the triumph of the current U.S. president visit to other countries . ( art )

Business Hotel Dubai Streaking, Demand Exceeds Supply

The positive performance continues diperlihatkanbisnis Dubai hospitality , during early 2014 . Terbedasr City in the United Arab Emirates both the revenue per room growth (revenue per available room / RevPAR ) .

According to STR Global research results , until March, the Dubai hospitality RevPAR increased 2.8 percent to an average of 950 dirhams, or equivalent to Rp 2.9 million per room .

RevPAR growth was triggered by the level of need that was almost outstripped supply . Needs jumped 6.2 percent , while only 7.4 percent of new supply . Daily room rate ( average daily room / ADR ) is also a positive move for the average 1,089 dirhams , equivalent to Rp 3.3 million per night .

Managing Director of STR Global , Elizabeth Winkle said , when the need is growing stronger , not accompanied by an increase in new supply .

" ADR increase, but this growth causes the occupancy rate becomes negative . Overall RevPAR performance make the hospitality sector of Dubai is very positive , " said Winkle .

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In Dubai alone there are now many large -scale development of new hotels , with increasing tourism and business activity . The surge in foreign tourists occurred thanks to interesting tourist spots like the Burj Khalifa .

The observation deck 823 meters high tower is visited by 600,000 foreign tourists until the end of 2013 , or skyrocketed 13 percent from the previous year .


Oil prices down in Asian trade

Oil prices in Asian trade today descend . However , the loss can be overcome by upbeat sentiment over the latest report of the U.S. supply and doubts about the resumption of Libyan exports in full .

As quoted by AFP on Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) , New York ‘s main contract, West Texas Intermediate ( WTI ) futures for May delivery fell 25 cents to USD103 , 35 per barrel in mid- morning trade and Brent North Sea crude for May fell 26 cents to USD107 , 72 .

Energy Information Administration ( EIA ) said crude inventories jumped 4.0 million barrels for the week ended 4th April, well above the 1.0 million expected by analysts surveyed by the Wall Street Journal .

However , Sanjeev Gupta , practice head of oil and gas in the Asia - Pacific consulting firm EY said prices received support from signs of strong gasoline demand .

The EIA report showed a decline of 5.2 million barrels, supplies of gasoline, 700,000 barrels more than the decline that had been projected . ” The delay in the rise of supply from Libya , also pushed up prices , ” said Gupta .

Investors remained cautious over the weekend on the agreement between the Libyan rebels in the eastern and central government to resolve the oil blockade .

Under an agreement reached Sunday , the rebels handed two of the four terminals in the eastern part of this week and will submit them to control the other two within two to four weeks , as long as the negotiations successfully completed .

Libyan army yesterday said it had control of the first two ports submitted by the rebel Al - Hariga and Zueitina , allowing exports to resume as soon as possible .

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Tripoli said the blockade since July has cost Libya more than $ 14 billion in lost revenue , reducing exports from 1.5 million to 250,000 barrels per day .