Finally Gains Global Gold

Finally Gains Global Gold

Gold prices rose for the first time in six days on Tuesday , as the U.S. stock market ( U.S. ) retreated , after a series of record highs on Wall Street . ( Read: laporan pengecoran logam )

Gold futures traded in New York , closed up , while the spot price of gold remains positive in late afternoon trading despite U.S. economic data showed gains in new factory orders in the third month in a row , which should be bullish for equities .

Even so , analysts and traders said the metal may still face hard work in the next session , due to uncertainty ahead of the European Central Bank meeting and a big drop in investor interest in the futures market .

" The market is trying hard to get out of the loss , but could not pick a worse time , given the ECB’s decision is not known , and after the great loss of the end of the roll -over option in gold futures , " said senior vice president at RBC Wealth Management , George Gero , as reported by Reuters on Wednesday ( 06/04/2014 ) .

Spot Gold prices traded higher type 0.1 percent to USD1.245 , 68 per troy ounce . Gold initially fell to a four-month low in USD1.240 , 61 per troy ounce . While U.S. gold futures for August delivery settled up 50 cents, or 0.4 percent, to USD1.244 , 50 per troy ounce .

Weakening demand for physical gold in the market number one , China , even after the end of Dragon Boat Festival added uncertainty makes the pressure on the gold price .

Among other precious metals , platinum fell 0.3 percent to USD1 , 425.53 an ounce. Palladium rose 0.7 percent to USD834 , 80 per ounce , silver silver rose 0.4 percent to USD18 , 78 per ounce .


Some stop TransJakarta Will Be Without Bridge Crossing

Director of the Institute for Transportation Development Policy ( ITDP ) Indonesia Yoga Adiwinarto revealed, it is preparing a new draft TransJakarta bus stops that will not need to be accessed via a pedestrian bridge .

Later , the access to the bus stop will only use the zebra crossing and red light . However , according to Yoga , draft stops will only be used in shelters are located on roads whose width is no more than 40 meters .

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He considered , the concept of non- stop through the pedestrian bridge will be built on the lines suited TransJakarta Corridor VI through the streets in the area Ragunan , Buncit , and Mampang .

" So , no need to go up and go up to the pedestrian bridge , only to cross at a zebra crossing is equipped with a red light only. Kayak stop at City Hall . Thing as it will be faster and effective for passengers , " he told , Tuesday ( 27 / 5/2014 ) .

Yoga assess , facilitate and provide comfort to reach the bus stop is one factor that is needed to increase the number of TransJakarta passengers , in addition to shorten the arrival time of the bus and shorten travel time .

" Because it is better if people do not have to go up and down the bridge . So, just to cross it, can save 3-5 minutes , " he said .

Yoga says , the draft has been submitted to the Department of Transportation , and approved by the Governor of Jakarta , Joko Widodo , and his deputy , Basuki Purnama Tjahaja . “I approve . ‘s Just now again delayed any longer because there is construction of MRT , ” he said .


Bimbim: Slank Support Jokowi? Wait for the show!

Drummer for the band Slank , Bimbim , immediately laughed so journalists shows photos with sentences Slank support to the presidential candidate of the PDI - P, Joko Widodo . The photo was circulated in the crowded social media .

Initially , the son of Mother Iffet it justifies the photo, but hurry , she corrected him . ” Hahahaha … really it ( photo ) . Uh , but like how writing ? Hahahaha … , ” said Bimbim told reporters after the Concert 100 Years Ismail Marzuki , Sunday ( 25/05/2014 ) morning .

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Then , the reporter was read word for word in the photo . ” We must have a new president . If you want to change , at least the young president . Candidates now the youngest who? Yeah , Jokowi . ( Bimbim , Slank ) . “

" From the beginning , I did support the young leaders , especially those under the age of 60 years , " said Bimbim , no candidate confirms his choice .

What this means , the band Slank will officially support the candidate pair Jokowi - JK , because Jokowi the age of 52 years .

" Wait on the game . Hahahaha … , " said Bimbim laugh .

Currently active Jokowi become Governor of Jakarta , Slank was asked to become an icon of the city government of Jakarta hygiene . While still a Surakarta Mayor , contributing Bimbim ” carry ” Jokowi became Governor of Jakarta .

Several times , Slank visited Jokowi at City Hall . Similarly, Jokowi , Slank repeatedly visited their headquarters , pencil , South Jakarta .

As information , Jokowi , was born in Surakarta on June 21, 1961 or 52 years old now . While the vice-presidential candidates , JK birth Bone , South Sulawesi , on May 15, 1942 or 72 years old .

Competitors Jokowi , Prabowo was born in Jakarta on October 17, 1951 ( 62 years ) and its companion Hatta Rajasa was born in Palembang on December 18, 1953 ( 60 years ) .


Suspect Status Can Affect Support Suryadharma to Prabowo-Hatta

Chairman of the legal status of the United Development Party ( PPP ) Suryadharma Ali as a suspect votes will affect the flow of support for presidential candidate pairs and vice presidential candidate , Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa .

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Political analyst from the University of Gadjah Mada , Arie Sudjito , say , people who previously could fully supports “right ” because of the bad impression caused by such status . ” With the establishment of the SDA ( Suryadharma Ali ) becomes a suspect , of course influential to Prabowo - Hatta because from the beginning they are not solid support , ” Arie said when contacted , Friday ( 05/23/2014 ) .

Not only affect the mass support outside the party , Arie assess the outbreak of support will also occur in the body of the PPP . According to him , the tension before the official support for Prabowo - Hatta still made an impression on the opposite faction Suryadharma .

After the official Suryadharma the status of the suspect , said Arie , performance as an Advisory Board Prabowo - Hatta Success Team will be hampered . According to him , this incident will affect the level of coordination with area leadership council in the face of the presidential election . ” Command conducted DPP increasingly solid , such as loss of the head , ” said Arie .

Commission set Suryadharma as suspects in the alleged corruption organizing hajj 2012/2013 through the investigation warrant signed by the leadership of KPK May 22, 2014 . Commission ensnare Suryadharma with Article 2 , paragraph 1 or Article 3 of the Law on Corruption Eradication (Corruption ) in conjunction with Article 55 paragraph 1 in conjunction with Article 65 of the Criminal Code One . PPP Chairman is under sentence of life imprisonment .

Mode of abuse of power and enrich themselves , others , or corporation who allegedly Suryadharma , among others , by utilizing the initial deposit of funds to pay for Hajj by public officials of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and his family pilgrimage . Among the families who participated diongkosi is the wife of officials of the Ministry of Religion . KPK also suspect there are price bubbles associated with catering , lodging , and transportation of the pilgrims.


"Sing-fetchingly Semerdu Pristono …"

Former Head of Jakarta Transportation Department , Udar Pristono , was asked to sing ” semerdu - fetchingly ” alleged corruption cases related to procurement and BKTB TransJakarta . It was dipesankan that no injured party , and Pristono not feel victimized by government policy .

" Sing semerdu - discordant tones so sweetly Pristono not run anywhere , " said Director of Investigation and Advocacy Indonesian Forum for Budget Transparency ( Fitra ) Uchok Sky Khadafi told reporters in Jakarta , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

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Determination Pristono as a suspect by the Attorney General , he said , could be the entrance to the law enforcement agencies to check the Jakarta governor Joko Widodo . Moreover , in several press conferences held , he repeatedly mentions that Jokowi know the entire procurement process and hundreds of city buses integrated TransJakarta Busway bus ( BKTB ) was .

Start of Jokowi introduced to Michael Ben Putranto Pristono , one timses Jokowi in Solo when the alleged procurement broker Busway , to Jokowi who also came to the Port of Tanjung Priok when the buses come from China . Moreover , he added , the procurement of buses allocated Rp 1.1 trillion budget to definitely obtain the consent of the governor’s signature .

" The suspect was arrested and a new set of field operators . Meanwhile, the Attorney General has not dared to touch the responsible party on it , " joked Uchok .
AGO has determined Udar Pristono as suspects in the alleged corruption procurement Busway project and BKTB the Jakarta Transportation Agency in 2013 valued at Rp 1.5 trillion . Determination Pristono as a suspect based on the investigation warrant number : Print-32/F.2/Fd.1/05/2014 dated May 9, 2014 .

Another suspect is Prawoto , Director of the Center for Technology and Systems in the Transportation Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology ( BPPT ) . Determination Prawoto as a suspect based on the investigation warrant number : Print-33/F.2/Fd.1/05/2014 dated May 9, 2014 . In this case , Pristono has twice undergone examination by the investigator .

The first examination was held on 7 April 2014 , while the second examination was held on May 9, 2014 . At the last examination , Pristono was examined as a witness for the two suspects earlier , the DA and ST .


Basuki: Previously Offered monument Clean, No One Response

Vice Governor of Jakarta Basuki Purnama said the light , having decided Monas cleared by Kaercher , he could offer to the private sector to clean monuments in Jakarta . However , the scheme does not receive a response.

"In the past I have offered right still many places that have not been cleaned. All in silence . Similarly, we have provided the Kaercher , new storm ," says the man who greeted familiar Ahok at City Hall in Jakarta, Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) .

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According Ahok , Jakarta Provincial Government of the Kaercher not mind cleaning the monuments in the city. The reason , the company did not have to remove the money sepersen already .

" For other private not storm again . Never since people have washed , just say like, " he said.

Some time ago, Basuki got protests from Rope Access Association of Indonesia ( ARAI ) and the Association of Indonesian Employers Klining Services ( Apklindo ) , the judge did not favor local businesses in Monas clearance . In fact, since 2010 , they have a desire to clean Tugu Monas , but yet to be a response from the provincial government of DKI Jakarta .

In response to the foregoing, Basuki said , the Jakarta administration has made the conditions for interested parties to clean Monas . These conditions are not asking for payment (given in the form of corporate social responsibility ) and professional . Dedicated to professional measurements , assess Basuki Kaercher was able to prove that because never cleaned a number of famous buildings in different parts of the world .

" Its Professional shown not only from a professional rock climbing , but if they ever do a national monument of the world ? That’s it. I do not want to take the risk if only ngaku - ngaku . If only climb , many of which can be , " he said.

Basuki also requested that the polemic around Monas cleaning project can not be renewed . Because according to him , there are many other monuments that have not been affected by clearance .

"Therefore if there are storms about Monas cleaning , huh still many monuments that need to be cleaned . Aerospace Pancoran Monument , Monument Welcome , coke nothing would clean the storm , anyway? " she said.


Bambang Soesatyo: The Vice President of the Convention Golkar funny-persiflage?

Deputy Treasurer DPP Golkar Party Bambang Soesatyo ensure , plan Golkar coalition with the Democratic Party that carries Pramod Edhie Wibowo as a companion Bakrie has not become an official decision ( read : Golkar - Democrats Make New Axle , Pramod Edhie Vice President ) .

"I’ll wait for the results rapimnas , baseball behavior of the Democratic candidate ? Strange also yes . Period running mate of the Convention which championed the fun , not the winner of the convention ? Thus , if imposed , coalition odong odong - dong it’s called , " Bambang said in Jakarta Soesatyo , Saturday ( 05/17/2014 ) .

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" That means Golkar into the ’ trap Batman ’ . Coalition really the same party that is currently being persecuted and slandered people ? Indicators it easy . Freefall of the party ‘s 20 percent to 10 percent . We will reject . According to me , Golkar docked to the PDI - P , it is right and true , "said Bambang .

Reported previously, the Golkar Party and the Democratic Party will form a new axis to face the 2014 Presidential Election . Pair and vice presidential candidate was already prepared , though not of winner candidates of the Democratic Party convention results .

" Last night finally formed a new axle , with an ARB as a candidate of the Golkar Party , with Pramod Edhie Wibowo as the vice presidential candidate of the Democratic Party , " said Industry Minister Mohamad S Hidayat in Jakarta .

The decision was generated by the 6 team consisting of representatives from Golkar , the MS Hidayat , Laksono , and Idrus Marham ; as well as Democrats , namely Syarif Hasan , Wacik , and Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono .


Surve indicator: Turun Elektabilitas Jokowi, Prabowo Naik

Political Indicators Indonesia last survey showed electability presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle , Joko Widodo aka Jokowi , tends to decrease . Meanwhile , presidential candidate electability Gerindra , Prabowo , has increased . However, Jokowi still relatively far superior .

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In a survey of top of mind , with electability Jokowi still ahead of 31.8 percent . Prabowo followed underneath with 19.8 percent . Jokowi electability was dropped from the survey in March 2014 , who was getting 32.5 percent , while Prabowo at that time only 11.4 percent in numbers .

" Sounds Jokowi tend to stagnate and decline . Interestingly , Prabowo is top of mind up significantly , " said Executive Director of Political Indicators Burhanuddin Muhtadi explaining the results of the survey in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/14/2014 ) .

When respondents offered 14 names would be a candidate , Jokowi stay ahead with 39.7 percent of the vote . Meanwhile , Prabowo get 23.8 percent . Jokowi vote totals were also dropped from the survey in March , which is when it gained 45.6 percent . The Prabowo when it was still at 15.1 percent figure .

In the simulation of three names , namely Jokowi , Prabowo , and Golkar Party presidential candidate , Bakrie, Jokowi stay on top . Jokowi received 45.5 percent of the vote , Prabowo 30.11 percent , 11.6 percent and Bakrie .

" In fact, in March , electability Jokowi in simulations of three names to win one round due to 55.7 percent , " said Burhan . Meanwhile , new Prabowo electability in figure 20 percent .

" If you look at this data , Jokowi not safe . However , opportunities tuh Prabowo also not necessarily because the difference is still quite far away , " said Burhan .

Political observers of the State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta that rate, it all depends on political dynamics and the second attempt the next presidential candidate . ” In politics , all possibilities can happen , ” said Burhan .

According to the Political Indicators , population surveys are all Indonesian citizens who have the right to choose the number of samples of 1,220 people . The margin of error of plus or minus 2.9 percent with a 95 percent confidence level . The method is done by face to face interview on 20 to 26 April 2014.


Ask Pandeglang Regent Ahmadiyya Create Your Own Religion

Regent Pandeglang , Banten province , Erwan Kurtubi asks Ahmadiyah congregation formed his own religion and do not carry the name of Islam .

" Let me safely and the problem is solved , they should form their own religion , and do not carry or claim to be Muslims , " he said in Pandeglang on Friday .

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If they brought Islam , he said , it will still happen opposition from Muslims , due to travel or law they do contrary to the true teachings of Islam .

He said Muslims would never accept as the Ahmadiyya Muslims , and will continue to assess the blasphemy they have done .

" With the difference in doctrine but obviously mengakau as Muslims can be regarded as blasphemy act , it will continue to cause conflict , " he said .

With that difference , he said , until now, the government banned the Ahmadiyah congregation Pandeglang religious activity in that area .

The ban , he said , by decree in 2011 Pandeglang 5 Ahmadiyah activities in defiance Prohibition Pandeglang .

Regent also hoped that the Ahmadiyah congregation in that area back in the true teachings of Islam , if it is still claiming to be Muslims .

"If they claim to be Muslims , let’s get back to the true teachings in accordance with Islamic law , but if you want to survive in Ahmadiyya , you should immediately establish its own religion and do not be longer claim to be Muslims , " he asserted .

Erwan also said Ahmadiyah congregation in Pandeglang still there but there are not too many , which is only dozens of people and spread in several districts , of which Cikeusik , Cisata and Karangtanjung .


Rudi Rubiandini: I Will Not “Crying Bombay”

Former Head of Special Unit Upstream Oil and Gas ( Oil and Gas SKK ) Rudi Rubiandini says ready to face trial court verdict in the Corruption (Corruption ) , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 29/04/2014 ) .

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Rudi claimed would not cry any convictions Corruption Court judges later . ” I just want the judge sentenced him to me as it should be . Nah know if the judges are scared of the Commission . I’m also not going to cry bombay . I still have my pride , ” said Rudi before facing the verdict at the Corruption Court on Tuesday afternoon .

Rudi flatly denied receiving kickbacks from PT Kernel Oil boss or bosses Widodo Ratanachaitong PT Kaltim Parna Industry Artha Meris Simbolon . According to Rudi , he has conducted a tender in accordance SKK oil and gas regulations .

Rudi also admitted to not commit money laundering as alleged KPK prosecutors . ” I just gratification . , But yesterday really demands just copy and paste any of the charges , ” said Rudi .

Rudi sentencing is scheduled at 14:00 pm . Golf coach Rudi , Deviardi , will also face a verdict today .

Previously , Rudi demanded 10 years in prison and a fine of Rp 250 million subsidiary 3 months in prison . The public prosecutor proved Commission judge Rudi accepting bribes related to the implementation of projects in the oil and gas SKK . Meanwhile , Deviardi previously required 5 years in prison and a fine of Rp 50 million subsidiary 3 months in prison .